Navajo Nation lawmaker seeks to reopen talks over surplus land

Leaders from Zuni Pueblo toured the site in 2011. Photo from Fort Wingate Depot Activity

A Navajo Nation Council delegate is seeking to reopen negotiations about the use of a surplus military site in New Mexico.

Last year, the Navajo Nation and Zuni Pueblo agreed to an equal division of about 18,000 acres from the defunct Fort Wingate Army Depot. But Delegate Edmund Yazzie wants to change the terms to prevent Zuni Pueblo from access to a major interstate and to include a gaming prohibition on both tribes.

"I don't think Washington (D.C.) should be telling us what to do," Yazzie told the Associated Press.

Yazzie's change of heart could mark the end of H.R.3822, a bill to finalize the land swap.

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Navajo lawmaker faces tough opposition in bid to get better deal on split of former Army base (AP 8/14)

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