Designation recognizes tribal significance of Mount St. Helens

Seal of Cowlitz Tribe
The Cowlitz Tribe of Washington is hailing the inclusion of Mount St. Helens on the National Register of Historic Places.

The tribe's name for Mount St. Helens is Lawetlat’la, which means "smoker" in English. The mountain appears on the tribe's seal.

“For millennia, the mountain has been a place where tribal members went to seek spiritual guidance,” Chairman William Iyall said in a press release, The Longview Daily News reported. “She has erupted many times in our memory, but each time has rebuilt herself anew. She demonstrates that a slow and patient path of restoration is the successful one.”

The mountain is also important to the Yakama Nation in Washington.

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It's official: Mount St. Helens makes national historic registry (The Longview Daily News 9/19)

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