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Suzan Shown Harjo still fighting to eliminate 'Redskins' mascot

Activist Suzan Shown Harjo continues to fight for the elimination of the Washington Redskins professional football mascot.

Harjo, who is Cheyenne and Muscogee, led the first legal case to cancel the team's trademarks. She says the name represents everything that is wrong with the use of Indians as mascots.

“The Washington team – it’s the king of the mountain,” Harjo tells CNN. “When this one goes, others will.”

The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board sided with Harjo and her fellow activists in determining that the name disparaged Native people and brought them into disrepute. But the federal courts killed the case, saying the plaintiffs waited too long to object.

So a younger generation has taken up the cause. Amanda Blackhorse, a member of the Navajo Nation, is the lead plaintiff on a petition before the trademark board.

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