Ray Halbritter: Helping schools to eliminate 'Indian' mascots

"The owners of professional sports franchises like the Cleveland Indians, the Atlanta Braves and the Washington Redskins continue to disrespect the heritage of Native American people with mascots and logos that insultingly portray aspects of our culture as a cheap cartoon — and nothing more.

Leaders and some fans of those franchises roll their eyes at our discomfort; making a mockery of proud Indian nations is, to them, no big deal.

Fortunately, that glib insensitivity is no longer the norm in this country — especially not among the younger generation. As large universities and multi-million-dollar professional franchises encourage their fans to cheer along to stereotypical team names, mascots and logos, they can learn from the students of Cooperstown Central School."

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Ray Halbritter: Get that Indian off your uniform (The New York Daily News 2/22)

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