Editorial: Bison belong on public, tribal lands in Montana

"When Dr. Frankenstein’s monster encountered villagers they ran, frightened by his size and fearful he would harm them. The modern-day equivalent is the reintroduction of bison to Montana. Residents near the proposed reintroduction sites might as well be carrying torches and nooses as they cite a litany of fears.

Instead of fear mongering, though, let’s look at the facts.

The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks is considering placing 40 bison at each of four different sites: the Spotted Dog Wildlife Management Area, the Marias River WMA, the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation and Fort Peck Reservation.

All of the bison, which were captured after migrating out of Yellowstone National Park, have been tested and retested to ensure they are not carriers of the disease brucellosis."

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Gazette opinion: Bison belong on public, tribal lands (The Billings Gazette 10/26)

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