Cobell attorneys detail request for $223M fees for 14 years of work

The attorneys in the Indian trust fund lawsuit say they are entitled to $223 million in fees for more than 14 years of work.

The attorneys began working on the case in 1995. The lawsuit was filed in June 1996 and the $3.4 billion settlement was announced in December 2009.

During that time, the attorneys said they spent nearly 141,000 hours on the case. Court papers, including this affidavit, detail the hourly rates of some of the attorneys who have been a part of the team.

"I'm not embarrassed at all by the fee," lead attorney Dennis Gingold told The National Law Journal. "If somebody told a lawyer he would get an hourly rate when he settled, I don't think a single competent lawyer would take a case like this. The risk is enormous."

The settlement placed a cap of $99 million on fees but the plaintiffs say the final decision lies with a federal judge.

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Cobell Attorneys Seek $223 Million (The National Law Journal 2/2)

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