CNC: Tribes wary of a Republican take-over in Washington, DC
"Chief James Allan of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe knows many Indian County leaders may be wary of Republican leadership.

ALLAN - “Before, Native issues just have not been a priority for the Republican party as a whole. I think that’s why many tribes supported the Obama administration.”

Oklahoma Republican Tom Cole – a member of the Chickasaw Nation – says Indian Country need not be worried. He sits on a subcommittee that deals with Native American related legislation.

COLE - “The tribes have done such a good job at working both sides of the aisle and identifying friends that I think, from a sovereignty standpoint, we are going to be fine.”

Not only that -- Jacqueline Johnson Pata -- executive director of the National Congress of American Indians says Native Americans have shown strength at the ballot box.

JOHNSON PATA - “Right now we have about 5 or 6 states where there are really key races and quote honestly some of those are for Democratic champions on Indian Issues and some are for Republican Champions on Indian issues.”"

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Indian Country Wary of a GOP House Takeover (Capitol News Connection 10/27)