Sen. Dorgan threatens subpoena of IHS for ongoing investigation
Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota), the chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, is again threatening to subpoena the Indian Health Service as part of an ongoing investigation.

Dorgan wanted to subpoena the IHS back in June. But he held off after the agency agreed to produce documents related to the Aberdeen Area.

However, the IHS failed to produce all of the information by the July 28 deadline. "I think these problems ... go beyond this region, but this region is one that is particularly acute in terms of problems," Dorgan said in a press release.

Dorgan also said the IHS has failed to fill mental health positions despite a high rate of suicide. "I see this as gross incompetence," Dorgan said. "Kids are dying while the bureaucracy ignores the crisis."

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Senator sees 'gross incompetence' in IHS office (AP 8/25)

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