San Carlos Apache Chairman: Work goes on amid election season
"This is the time when the political process in our government has many twist and turns. It may appear at times that some of the wrangling by candidates would indicate that the Tribal government is focusing entirely on political maneuverings. However, I would like to remind everyone that the business of the San Carlos Apache Tribe must continue.

The election process does not stop current existing business involving enterprises and programs; therefore, it should not be hampered with our political process. Program Directors and Enterprise managers still have to manage their daily responsibilities in providing services and conducting business effectively.

It is important that we remain committed to our responsibilities and that our people are depending on us to perform our duties day in and day out.

We may have a family relative or close acquaintance that has decided to run for office but that should not take our focus from our employment obligations. I want to reassure our people that just because this is election year, it does not mean that we drop everything and start campaigning.

We as a Tribal Council still have much work to do. There are several issues still affecting our people at the state and national levels; therefore, we cannot afford to let our guard down at any point and time.

The issues that affect our people especially our children and our elders are extremely important and we must remain focus on these issues to ensure that we are working in the best interest of our people at all times."

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