Menominee Nation man still hoping for return of his stolen regalia
Michael Pamonicutt, a member of the Menominee Nation of Wisconsin, is hoping someone comes forward and returns his ceremonial regalia, including a cache of eagle feathers.

Pamonicutt was traveling between powwows and events when his car was stolen in Illinois in July. His car was recovered a month later in Chicago but the suitcase with his shirts, belts, vest, moccasins and 35 bald and golden eagle feathers. wasn't in there.

“First of all, I don’t care about the car. What was in the trunk I could never replace,” Pamonicutt, a Vietnam veteran, told Suburban Life Publications.

Federal law prohibits the possession, transportation or sale of eagle feathers by non-Indians. “I hope the people who have it, they’d be honest enough,” Pamonicutt was quoted as saying. “I’d like to see it returned. No questions asked.”

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Theft of car means loss of American Indian regalia (Suburban Life Publications 8/24)