Witness list for House Resources Committee hearing on three bills
The House Natural Resources Committee will hold a hearing tomorrow on three bills.

The bills are: H.R.5023, the Requirements, Expectations, and Standard Procedures for Executive Consultation with Tribes Act, RESPECT Act; H.R.4384, a bill affecting the Utah Navajo Trust Fund; and H.R.5468, the Bridgeport Indian Colony Land Trust, Health, and Economic Development Act. The witness list follows:
Panel 1
The Honorable Jim Matheson (H.R. 4384)

The Honorable Howard P. “Buck” McKeon (H.R. 5468)

Panel 2
Paul Tsosie (H.R. 5023, H.R. 4384, H.R. 5468)
Chief of Staff, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs

Panel 3
The Honorable Ned Norris (H.R. 5023)
Chairman, Tohono O’odham Nation

The Honorable McCoy Oatman (H.R. 5023)
Chairman, Nez Pierce Tribe

The Honorable Reno Keoni Franklin (H.R. 5023)
Board Chairman, National Indian Health Board

Mr. Robert A. Williams Jr. (H.R. 5023)
Professor of Law and American Indian Studies, The University of Arizona

Panel 4
The Honorable Joe Shirley, Jr., (H.R. 4384)
President, Navajo Nation,

Ms. Janet Slowman Chee (H.R. 4384)

Mr. Mark Maryboy (H.R. 4384)

The Honorable Joseph Art Sam(H.R. 5468)
Chairman, Bridgeport Indian Colony

The hearing takes place at 10am in Room 1324 of the Longworth House Office Building.

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