Turtle Talk: Law databases use 'Porno Indians' for 'Pomo Indians'
"WestLaw and LexisNexis need to update their scanning software immediately. We noticed in WestLaw’s scan of a recent trial pleading in the ongoing Cloverdale Rancheria of Pomo Indians v. Salazar, that “Pomo” had repeatedly been scanned in as “Porno.” [As you probably know, WestLaw and LexisNexis now offer a service allowing users to download original trial pleadings and briefs, but with the same text available for searching, etc.]

Hoping it was a one-time-only miscue, we searched other areas in WestLaw and LexisNexis. “Porno Indians” appears in WL’s allcases database four time, and a whopping 375 times in WL’s various trial pleadings and briefs databases. It also appears a handful of times in WL’s journals and law reviews databases but only in CLE materials (good job, student law review editors!)."

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WestLaw and LexisNexis and the “Porno Indians” (Turtle Talk 7/25)