Logan Davis: FEMA trailers a benefit to Turtle Mountain Chippewa
"I have been watching the news coverage of the FEMA travel trailers that are being donated to the Turtle Mountain Chippewa tribal members with interest.

It appears that much of the media is relying solely on the investigation and opinion of one tribal member on this poverty-stricken reservation.

His main concern revolves around the traces of formaldehyde that may be in the FEMA travel trailers. This particular tribal member has become a self-appointed crusader for a cause he obviously believes in.

Unfortunately, the history of the federal government’s inhumane treatment toward Native Americans has bred this kind of mistrust. However, in this instance, the government has allowed our tribe to participate in a very beneficial program.

My fellow tribal member’s intentions may be well-intended, but the bottom line is that many people have benefited and have something that they can make very good use of."

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Logan Davis: FEMA trailers are a benefit (The Bismarck Tribune 7/15)

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