Seneca Nation smoke shop gets restraining order for PACT Act
A smoke shop on the Seneca Nation of New York won a temporary restraining order to prevent the federal government from enforcing the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act.

Aaron J. Pierce sells tobacco through Seneca Smokeshop and Red Earth. He says the PACT Act would cripple his business by requiring him to address thousands of state and local tax issues.

Judge Richard J. Arcara agreed and granted Pierce a 14-day restraining order. He indicated the smoke shop might succeed at proving the PACT Act violates the U.S. Constitution and Seneca Nation treaties.

The PACT Act, which goes into effect today, bars the U.S. Postal Service from transporting certain types of cigarette products. Pierce's does not address the mail issue, his attorney said.

"There are extraordinarily serious problems with the act that have nothing to do with the Postal Service," attorney Lisa A. Coppola told The Buffalo News.

"This statute is targeted at Native American cigarette and smokeless tobacco vendors and specifically at the Seneca Nation of Indians," the complaint states, Courthouse News Service reported. "It was carefully crafted to increase State revenues by forcing Native American cigarette and smokeless tobacco vendors to collect sales and use taxes, despite a lack of substantial nexus with the State. Moreover, Members of Congress have described the Act as directed at Native American vendors."

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Relevant Documents:
ATF Letter on Tribal Consultation (May 19, 2010)

Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act.
H.R.1676 | S.1147

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