Wyoming county submits plans in Indian voting rights lawsuit
Officials in Fremont County in Wyoming submitted two proposals in response to an Indian voting rights lawsuit.

The first plan calls for creating one district in which Indian voters are the majority. The rest of the county would remain on an at-large system.

The second plan also creates an Indian majority district. The at-large system would remain but candidates would be required to live in separate parts of the county.

The plaintiffs in the case are members of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe and the Northern Arapaho Tribe. They have proposed a single district that encompasses the Wind River Reservation.

But they also say the rest of the county needs to get rid of the at-large system and move to districts. An attorney for the plaintiffs said both of the county's proposals don't appear to comply with state law.

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Fremont County Commission endorses 2 voting plans (AP 6/25)

Lawsuit Documents:
Large v. Fremont County (ACLU)

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