Eastern Cherokees take action to address membership audit
The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians of North Carolina updated its enrollment ordinance to address issues raised by a recent audit of its membership rolls, The Smoky Mountain News reports.

The tribe will require DNA tests for all new membership applications. The tests will be used to confirm parental lineage.

The tribe will also start disenrollment proceedings against people who do not meet membership requirements. According to the paper, about 50 people don't meet blood quantum requirements.

For now, the tribe has put a halt to new applications, except for infants and 18-year-olds. The process will resume once the tribe addresses the issues raised by the audit.

Tribal enrollment is tied to the Baker Roll, a document from the 1920s. Members must be a lineal descendant of someone on the roll and must have at least 1/16 degree of Eastern Cherokee blood.

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Tribe moves to implement DNA testing for new applicants to Cherokee rolls (The Smoky Mountain News 6/23)

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