Opinion: Lumbee Tribe lobbying contract makes no sense
"Are you trying to make sense out of the latest news from the Lumbee tribe?

According to news reports, the Lumbee Tribal Council has approved a contract with a Nevada-based lobbying firm that will attempt to persuade Congress to grant the tribe full recognition without any restrictions on gambling ventures.

A bill granting recognition but restricting gambling has passed the House of Representatives and has been waiting on action by the Senate. The shocker in the new contract with Lewin International is a provision that would require the Lumbees to pay Lewin $35 million if Congress grants recognition and permits gambling, unless the tribe votes to set up a gambling operation run by Lewin.

The contract with Lewin has some of the 50,000 or more Lumbees who live in and around Robeson County worried and angry. Just when a compromise recognition bill was finally about to become law, they say that the tribal leadership changed directions, put the recognition effort in jeopardy, and risks the loss of $35 million, a substantial part of the tribe's assets."

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D.G. Martin: Lumbee deal with lobbyist makes no sense (The Greensboro News & Record 5/9)

Lumbee Recognition Bills:
S.1735 | H.R.31 | H.R.839

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