Church apologizes for Menominee Nation boarding school
Two Catholic churches on the Menominee Nation of Wisconsin apologized for their role in boarding schools on the reservation.

The St. Anthony Church and St. Michael Church confessed to their "past sin." They said their actions caused hurt for tribal members who attended the schools and for their families.

"The boarding schools took the young from home and family to new structures, language, and growth patterns," Rev. Bob Rank said, The Shawano Leader reported. "Heal the wounds, Creator, from the traumas, different living patterns, any abuse, the lack of family intimacy, and the other hurts faced in those experiences. Heal the wounds caused by the zealous nature of the missionaries, priests and sisters in their efforts to pass on the Catholic faith."

The churches were involved in schools on the reservation from 1856 to 1954.

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Catholic Church issues apology to Menominees for sins committed during Boarding School Era (The Shawano Leader 4/28)