Chickasaw Nation weighs management at national park

The Chickasaw Nation is considering a management role at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Oklahoma.

The tribe is negotiating with the National Park Service for a potential self-governance compact. "Eventually, we plan to expand on existing historic, cultural and recreational activities available to the public," Tom John, the self-governance administrator for the tribe, told The Oklahoman in a statement.

The Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act recognizes that tribes have the potential to manage national parks, refuges and wildlife areas. Tribes have negotiated management roles at federal sites in Montana and Alaska.

The Chickasaw National Recreation Area was created from land that was owned by the Chickasaw Nation and the Choctaw Nation.

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Chickasaw Nation in talks over land in south central Oklahoma (The Oklahoman 4/23)

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