Group works to address concerns about war board game
Tribal members from New England and their supporters are working with a board game company to address concerns about a game that depicts King Philip's War.

Tribal members held a protest in Rhode Island last month and started a group on Facebook about the King Philip's War game, which is still in development. They don't the game to promote negative stereotypes of Indians or to condone violence and massacres against Indian people.

"From what I've seen right now: totally inappropriate, highly offensive, nowhere near ready to be in production," Annawon Weeden, a member of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe of Massachusetts, told the Associated Press.

The group has contacted MultiManPublishing about the game. At one point, the company described it as a "a momentous example of New England frontier savagery."

Game developer John Poniske, a teacher, said he is making changes to ensure all points of view are represented. MultiManPublishing doesn't plan to release the game until it gets enough pre-orders.

King Philip's War was a conflict between tribes in New England and European settlers.

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