Oglala Sioux officers locate teen girl after overnight search
A teen girl was reported to be in good condition after Oglala Sioux Tribe officers located her semi-conscious, soaking wet and shivering early Wednesday morning.

Brianna Waters, 16, and her boyfriend, Nathaniel Bad Milk, 15, were driving on the Pine Ridge Reservation when their car got stuck on a muddy road. The couple began walking to look for help but Brianna stopped after injuring her foot.

Nathaniel eventually found help after several hours. Tribal police were notified and began searching for Brianna, whose body temperature had dropped to 83 degrees.

“News from the hospital is that the young girl will be OK,” police chief Everett Little Whiteman told The Rapid City Journal. “Our police officers do a lot of good things people tend to forget and here is one of them.”

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