Rhode Island battles development at site of Indian village
The state of Rhode Island has ordered a developer to stop work at a site of a major Narragansett village.

The developer has a permit to build homes on the 25-acres site in the town of Narragansett. But state officials are trying to have it revoked in order to protect the site, which dates as far back as 1100 AD.

"Each and every time a layer of history has been peeled back, more history has been revealed,” John Brown, the historic preservation officer for the Narragansett Tribe, told The New York Times.

Archaeologists say the village is significant because it is mainly intact. There's only one other similar site on the East Coast.

Downing Salt Pond Partners, the developer, filed a lawsuit in federal court, saying the state was violating its constitutional rights. A judge dismissed the case and the state awaits a hearing that could lead to the revocation of the work permit.

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