Senate hopeful promises support for Alaska Native sovereignty
Scott McAdams says he will support Alaska Native sovereignty if he is elected to the U.S. Senate.

McAdams spoke at the 6th annual convention of the Association of Village Council Presidents on Tuesday. He said some of the state's leaders haven't always believed in tribal rights.

"But in the 21st century, 40 years after ANCSA, it's time once and for all that we have a federal delegation that believe Alaska's 229 federally recognized tribes be considered sovereign," McAdams said, The Tundra Drums reported. "I share this with you because this is what I believe."

McAdams is married to a Turtle Mountain Chippewa woman and his children are members of the Sitka Tribe. According to his website, he is an adopted member of the Killer Whale clan and his Tlingit name is Keét Yiyaágu which means "Boat Size Killer Whale."

McAdams is running against Republican Joe Miller, an attorney who has the backing of the Tea Party movement. Incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R) has launched a write-in campaign and has the support of many Alaska Native leaders and corporations.

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