Editorial: Concrete leadership needed for Year of Unity
"Gov. Mike Rounds certainly meant well when, in a nod to the 20th anniversary of the state's Year of Reconciliation, he proclaimed a Year of Unity that began a week ago today.

However, without specific goals and the political fortitude to realize them, these kinds of efforts threaten to promote cynicism more than hope.

Native Americans have made themselves clear when, year after year, they tell us they're tired of broken promises and empty efforts made by state government.

We don't blame them.

Given the heartbreaking history of the past 150 years, the rest of us must ensure that our ongoing efforts toward reconciliation are articulated clearly and accompanied by concrete steps.

Rounds says that state government's role during the next year will include promoting Native American culture and history books in summer reading programs, working to improve Native American health, and focusing on tribal art and economic development.

Although these individual elements are essential, this vision is just too vague for any real progress to be made."

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