Marketplace: Tribal radio gets priority under FCC rule
"Peter O'Dowd: Of the more than 13,000 radio stations licensed in the U.S., a mere 41 belong to Native American communities. So for those who live on reservations, reliable information can be hard to come by. Just ask Gail Haozous from the San Carlos Apache Tribe in Eastern Arizona:

Gail Haozous: They want language classes, they want the weather, the local news, they also want the national news.

Hazous is opening the tribes new FM station, KYAY, and more tribal stations are likely to pop up now that the FCC has essentially guaranteed radio licenses for Native American applicants. FCC Commissioner Michael Copps says that will meet his agency's obligation to make radio accessible to everyone.

Michael Copps: When it came to Indian Country, we weren't doing that. So now we're going to give a priority."

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FCC rule gives boost to tribal radio (American Public Media 2/16)