Editorial: Don't put electrical station near sacred site
"The Tribal Council of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians has adopted a resolution protesting the construction of a Duke substation near a sacred Cherokee site and has authorized the Tribal Attorney General's Office to seek legal advice to explore how to stop the project.

Duke is conducting grading work at the site, which overlooks Kituwah, the Cherokee ancestral home. Kituwah is known as the Mother Town of the Cherokee People. In fact, it's easy to glean the importance of the site to the tribe simply by noting the fact the Cherokee call themselves the People of Kituwah.

Historically, the town was a refuge for any who entered. Its town house was constructed atop a mound of earth built a basketful at a time as Cherokee would gather there yearly, brining a basket of earth from their homes to build the earthwork.

Archaeologists believe the site was inhabited as far back as 9,000 years."

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Editorial: Duke should pay respect to Cherokee sacred site (The Asheville Citizen-Times 2/16)

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