Adam Beach to make film about revered Native vet
Adam Beach announced plans to star in a film about Tommy Prince, Canada's most decorated Native veteran.

Prince (1915-1977) was a member of the Brokenhead First Nation in Manitoba. He enlisted in the service even after being denied several times based on his race. He fought in World War II and earned several Canadian and U.S. medals

Prince re-joined the service for the Korean War due to discrimination he faced at home. Despite fighting for his country, he wasn't allowed to vote or receive veterans benefits and had trouble finding a job. He served two tours in Korea and earned a total of 11 medals.

"I am so honoured to play this First Nation military hero. He provided a positive role model for all First Nation people, including me," Beach said in a press release

Beach is a member of the Lake Manitoba First Nation of Saskatchean.

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