Delvin Cree: North Dakota's governor on Indian issues
"The nation’s longest-serving governor finally has thrown his hat into the ring and will run for the U.S Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D.

As a tribal member, I’m going to sit back, observe Gov. John Hoeven’s campaign and see what this great moderate Republican will do for the American Indian population.

Judging by some of the reports I’ve seen so far, Hoeven’s decisions seem to have been made to best fit the political climate. This should be an issue for Indian Country if the senator-to-be is elected.

For instance, Hoeven used to be a Democrat, but he spun his head around, changed his view of things and became a Republican, just like former Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman became an independent. This has me worried.

If he is elected, what kind of role will Hoeven play for the American Indian population? Will he focus on our treaty rights? Will he represent our communities?"

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Delvin Cree: Would Hoeven support American Indians? (The Grand Forks Herald 1/13)

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