Editorial: Preservation for sacred Tamanous Rock
"For eons, Tamanous Rock in the Chimacum Valley has been sacred to regional Indian tribes. Its geology is ancient and peculiar, and generations of people can testify that it contains a special power.

Development of the area around the rock, and including the rock itself, has been a steady prospect since it was purchased by George Heidgerken over a decade ago.

In the early years, Heidgerken refused to sell the land. Some nearby land was logged, roads were built and other moves toward development were made.

Jefferson Land Trust placed a very high priority on the purchase of the rock and its surrounding area, and has been in pursuit of that goal for many months. Diligent work, supported by generous donors from both the local area and the Bullitt Foundation, paid off last week when Heidgerken signed the papers selling the property to a consortium of groups.

Now Tamanous Rock will be preserved in its natural state forever."

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