Jodi Rave: Tim Giago warns Chuck Trimble via e-mail
"It’s not often that two well-known journalists square off over what the other writes. But that’s what’s happening with Lakota writers Tim Giago and Chuck Trimble. Many of us on Facebook have been privy to some of the e-mails shared between Giago and Trimble. I was bit shocked at Giago’s recent e-mail he sent to Trimble. I’ve known Trimble to be a fact-based reporter. Giago, however, has taken issue with Trimble’s reporting. Giago, 75, told Trimble, 74, not to be surprised if he knocked him on his ass the next time he saw him. He also called Trimble an “insignificant nobody.” The vitriol is a little scary. Moreover, it’s ironic considering Giago is giving the HOPE Conference welcome Dec. 18 in Rapid City, S.D. The conference organizers are promoting the event as “healing for our people everwhere, seeking the courage to heal.”

As a journalist, I hope these two men will soon heal their differences. For now, I can’t believe what I’m reading. In time, the real man in this sad scenario will rise as the true and ethical American Indian voice in journalism. The men’s columns in response to each other can be found on Or look at my previous post here on Buffalo’s Fire for links to their columns."

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Jodi Rave: Tim Giago tells Chuck Trimble “don’t be surprised if I knock you (Buffalos Fire 12/1)

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