Employment: Apache Nugget Corporation RFP
Summary of Request for Proposal for Architectural Services

Native Hospitality Advisors, INC. has issued a Request for Proposal on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Apache Nugget Corporation for professional services related to the development of a full service Travel Plaza & Casino. The Apache Nugget Corporation seeks professional architect services for the following items: (i) Conceptual Drawings of the desired development based on the current development plan, (ii) Complete Design and Construction Drawings.

Interested firms are invited to submit proposals by 5:00 pm on December 15, 2009. The Board of Directors will select the successful firm by December 31st, 2009. Preference will be given to qualified Native American owned firms.

Applicants should be experienced in providing high quality in-depth architect services for Casino-Travel Center developments and posses knowledge of Tribal business corporate structures as well as federal Indian law principles.

Proposals should be submitted to:

Native Hospitality Advisors, INC.
Attn: Turk Cobell
7733 Arden Grove Street
Las Vegas, NV 89113

A. Introduction

The Apache Nugget Corporation is a federally chartered Section 17 Corporation wholly owned by the Jicarilla Apache Nation based in Dulce, New Mexico. There are three Board members all of which are appointed by the Nation’s Council entrusted with overseeing operations and providing strategic business planning for the assets of the corporation. The Corporation operates The Wild Horse Casino, Best Western Jicarilla Inn, Hillcrest Restaurant, and the Apache Nugget Casino all located on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation.

B. Scope of Work

The Apache Nugget Corporation seeks a professional firm to provide architectural services for re-development of the Apache Nugget Casino. The Apache Nugget Casino is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of U.S. Highway 550 and State Highway 537 approximately 20 miles northwest of Cuba, New Mexico. The current development plan provides for re-developing the existing sprung structure gaming facility to a permanent Class III casino and full service Truck/Auto Travel Plaza. The selected firm’s duties shall be two fold:
  1. Provide conceptual drawings for the Board’s approval based on the current development plan and feasibility studies.
  2. Provide detailed construction Designs & Drawings for selecting other necessary contractors.
  3. Remain the architect of record throughout the completion of the project.

The selected firm shall have ongoing reporting duties to Native Hospitality Advisor, INC. regarding its progress in these areas. The selected firm will further be expected to submit to the Jicarilla Apache Nation and Apache Nugget Corporation periodic updates when necessary.

C. General Information

  1. Agreement
    A written agreement incorporating specific terms and conditions will be negotiated between the Apache Nugget Corporation as the client and the selected firm.

  2. Terms

    The initial term(s) of the eventual agreement shall be to provide item #1 of the Scope of Services. In addition the agreement may be extended to include item #2 & #3 of the Scope of Services provided the Corporation considers the firm’s fees and services are satisfactory.

  3. Records

    All records, files, data, and work product regarding the Project will remain the property of the Apache Nugget Corporation.

  4. Compensation and Billing

    Please submit a proposal for compensation consistent with the following:

    The Apache Nugget Corporation anticipates that the selected firm will need to work closely with Native Hospitality Advisors, INC. to coordinate the needs and concerns of the Corporation.

    The selected firm shall provide a monthly itemized billing statement that includes a description of the subject matter of work, time spent, rate charged, sub total, and total amount billed.

    Firms are encouraged to include with the proposal an estimate of the expenses related to each item outlined in the scope of services section. Cost estimates for the project should include the following:

    1. A total estimated fee for each of the items in the Scope of Services
    2. Travel expenses
    3. Any other related expenses necessary to complete the project.
The Corporation reserves the right to negotiate a lower fee or fee structure with any firm selected.

D. Criteria for Selection
The Corporation requires the following minimum qualifications of firms submitting proposals to be considered for evaluation:
  1. The experience of the firm & it’s principles assigned to the project, in particular, providing services for similar projects.
  2. Documented experience of the firm’s ability to work with Tribal Governments, Tribal Corporate entities, and/or enterprises.
  3. The number of Casino-Travel Plaza projects firm has engaged in.
  4. Projected costs & fees
  5. Capacity to complete the project in a timely manner.

E. Procedures for Submission of Proposals
Proposals shall be submitted to the address indicated below no later than December 15th, 2009 at 5:00pm. Proposals received after this date will be rejected and returned un-opened.

Turk Cobell
Native Hospitality Advisors, INC.
7733 Arden Grove Street
Las Vegas, NV 89113

F. Request for Information
Firms needing additional information may file their request in writing (email) to turkni@cox.net. Any such request must be submitted by December 10th, 2009.

G. Acceptance of Proposal
The Corporation anticipates it will select a proposal and begin formulating a formal agreement with the selected firm by December 31st, 2009.