WaPo Blog: Virginia tribes mark Thanksgiving Day
"Virginia's outgoing governor, Tim Kaine, presided over his final Thanksgiving ceremony this morning on Capitol Square in downtown Richmond.

And this one -- like all the ones before it -- included some wild game. Not to mention a host of traditions that date back more than three centuries.

Members of Virginia's Mattaponi and Pamunkey Indian tribes were on hand to offer Kaine their annual tribute of wild game in lieu of paying taxes on their reservations in King William County.

Kaine and his wife, First Lady Anne Holton, greeted members of the tribes in front of the Executive Mansion while hundreds of people, including many children, crowded around to watch a unique Virginia tradition.

The tribes presented Kaine and Holton with two deers and a turkey that had been shot this morning, placing them on the brick walkway in front of the mansion. They also gave them handmade gifts, including a harmonica case for the harmonica-playing governor. Female tribe members danced around the animals.

In a 1677 treaty, the Mattaponi and Pamunkey Indians agreed to deliver to the governor of the colony "at the place of his residence, wherever it shall be" 20 beaver skins. Since then the tribute has included deer, geese and other animals. (The deer and turkey presented today will be picked up by a Virginia organization that collects game to feed the hungry.)"

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Indian Tribes of Virginia Federal Recognition Act of 2009:
S.1178 | H.R.1385

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