Mayor among group arrested in Fort Peck drug ring
The mayor of a town on the Fort Peck Reservation. was among the 32 people arrested in a major prescription drug sweep on Monday.

Brockton Mayor Benjamin "Benny" Johnson faces felony charges of complicity in the sale of dangerous drugs. He allegedly sold prescription drugs to someone who sold them to an undercover agent.

"Benny won't be arraigned until Friday," Elliott Tapaha, a spokesman for the Roosevelt County Sheriff's Department, told The Great Falls Tribune, "So the mayor of Brockton will be spending Thanksgiving in jail."

Native Americans make up about 85 percent of the population in Brockton. The Tribune did not say whether Johnson is a tribal member.

Roosevelt County Sheriff Freedom Crawford launched "Operation New Beginning" after noticing an increase in the trafficking of prescription drugs in the county and on the reservation. He said most of the drugs originate from two pharmacies in the county and two Indian Health Service pharmacies on the reservation.

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