OPB: 'Hard Times' on Warm Springs Reservation
"Every Veteran’s Day, the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs go all out.

There’s a parade, memorial services at the Veterans Stone, and in the afternoon, tribal members gather at the Longhouse for speeches and eat dinner.

49-year-old Jeanie Brisbois says the day means a lot to her family.

Her 87-year old father, Daniel, served as a flight engineer in Africa during World War II.

But family’s a tough topic, for Brisbois, right now, because in this recession, her four adult children have been unemployed and looking for work.

Brisbois’ 26-year-old daughter moved out of the house last month, to live with a friend. But then the two got into an argument.

Jeanie Brisbois: “She bounced back home, and I’m still not letting her ‘move in’ – she hasn’t brought her belongings in the house yet.”

Brisbois says she hoped that life away from Mom would provide her daughter with a lesson in responsibility.

And Jeanie’s decided that instead of letting her daughter stay at home, she will make her go live with another family member.

Jeanie Brisbois: “She’ll be responsible for herself, I won’t be giving her anything. With another family, she’ll know that I’m not the one supporting her. She’s got to contribute to that home, one way or another. If she can’t do it with money, she can offer to keep the house clean, babysit, there are other things to do around the house to earn your keep.”"

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