Opinion: Tigua leader mulls a campaign in Texas
"There is a growing possibility that Representative Chavez will choose to continue to serve in the Texas House of Representatives and former Tigua Governor Albert Alvidrez, a former staffer for Chavez, has put together an exploratory committee to examine a run for the Texas Senate.

Representative Chavez also confirmed that Alvidrez during a conversation at the LULAC Black & White Gala informed Chavez that he intended to run against her for the Texas Senate. “He told me, 'I hear we are going to be running against each other'”, revealed Chavez. She went on to say that he told her that he had put together an exploratory committee to examine the possibility.

Former 3-term Governor of the Tiguas (tribal tradition is that the Governor's term is for one year, so Alvidrez was Governor for three years) Albert Alvidrez also confirmed his potential candidacy and the existence of the exploratory committee. “I am humbled by the outpouring of support from family and friends across Texas”, Alvidrez said.

Prior to his term as Governor, Alvidrez also served several terms on the Tribal Council. Since he left office in the tribe, Alvidrez has maintained a pretty high profile in political circles and has had a good relationship with both Senator Shapleigh and Representative Chavez. He's an employee with the State of Texas and has been a potter with El Paso Saddle Blanket Co. Word on the street is that Dusty Henson, Alvidrez's boss over at the southwest-style curio dealer will be a major financial backer."

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