House Resources hearing on federal recognition
The House Natural Resources Committee will hold a hearing next Thursday, October 29, 2009, on H.R. 3690, the Indian Tribal Federal Recognition Administrative Procedures Act.

The bill creates an independent Commission on Recognition of Indian Tribes to handle federal recognition petitions. It defines the criteria by which groups will be reviewed in order to gain federal status.

One section of the bill allows groups that were denied recognition through the Bureau of Indian Affairs to seek a reconsideration by the commission.

Another section states that tribes can be recognized through an act of Congress, the commission, the Indian Reorganization Act, the Alaska Indian Reorganization Act or a "United States" court decision. The provision appears to leave out the Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act and does not state whether a tribe can gain recognition through a presidential executive order.

The hearing takes place at 10am in Room 1324 of the Longworth House Office Building.

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