EchoHawk heads to Oklahoma for tribal session
Assistant Secretary Larry EchoHawk, the head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, will participate in a tribal listening session in Oklahoma on October 23.

The event takes place at the Pawnee Nation Wellness Center in Pawnee. EchoHawk is a member of the Pawnee Nation.

"Crowe & Dunlevy is proud to co-sponsor this public service event," said Walter Echo-Hawk, a Crowe & Dunlevy attorney involved in planning the event. "Under the Obama administration, tribal leaders have a rare opportunity to forge an agenda that will chart the course for the future. Perhaps the groundwork for that agenda can begin with this listening conference."

All tribal leaders from Oklahoma and Kansas are invited to the session. They will be able to make presentations and submit written statements to EchoHawk.

"Such an event will provide an opportunity for tribal leaders from Kansas and Oklahoma to voice their concerns in a collegiate, academic environment that takes as its mission the sovereign rights of all Indian people," said Todd Fuller, president of Pawnee Nation College.

The session takes place from 9am to 8:30pm. On Saturday, EchoHawk will be honored with a Pawnee Honor Dance.