DOJ to host tribal nations listening conference
The Department of Justice will host a tribal nations listening conference this October as part of an initiative to address crime in Indian Country.

Attorney General Eric Holder will meet with tribes in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on October 28-29. "The Listening Conference is part of an ongoing Justice Department initiative to increase engagement, coordination and action on tribal justice in Indian Country," according to a press release.

As part of the effort, top DOJ officials will meet with tribes for two working sessions in Seattle, Washington, (August 25-26) and in Albuquerque, New Mexico (September 21-22). They expect to add more law enforcement personnel on reservations and secure more funding for tribal justice programs.

"The working sessions will include Department component leaders and tribal experts in relevant areas to begin a dialogue on a range of important issues including, law enforcement policy and personnel; communications and consultation; grants and technical assistance; detention facilities; federal prosecution in Indian country; tribal court development; domestic violence; drug courts and substance abuse; federal litigation involving tribes; and civil rights," the press release stated.

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