Editorial: Oklahoma wins in tobacco battle
"The Oklahoma Tax Commission was understandably pleased this week to see a federal judge dismiss a lawsuit that had been filed against the agency by the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

The tribe had filed the lawsuit in May, after three of its delivery trucks were stopped by the highway patrol. Working with the Tax Commission, troopers confiscated roughly $100,000 worth of tobacco.

The tribe wanted the cigarettes returned. The Tax Commission said they were illegal to sell in Oklahoma because they didn’t have tax stamps and weren’t among the smokes listed on the state’s Master Settlement Agreement roster. That roster spells out brands that can legally be sold in the state.

The federal judge in Tulsa had asked the commission to discontinue any Creek truck seizures until the case was decided. A commission spokeswoman isn’t saying whether those seizures will now resume. Law-abiding Oklahomans no doubt hope they will."

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