Editorial: Bad move on Oneida Nation liquor bid
"Again, a last-minute policy item crammed into Wisconsin's 2009-2011 budget is coming back to bite.

The Village of Hobart near Green Bay discovered that a provision slipped into the budget took away its ability to oversee the Oneida Tribe of Indians' liquor license for a golf course the tribe owns.

Instead, the provision allows the tribe to go directly to the state to get a license for the Thornberry Creek at Oneida golf course.

Village officials were caught off-guard after the dust settled on the 692-page budget Gov. Jim Doyle signed the into law June 29.

And again, we see a measure included in the budget that has little to do with state spending. The legislation authorizes the state to issue Class B alcohol permits to a federally recognized tribe with a reservation that fits the size of the Oneida Tribe.

The tribe bought Thornberry Creek last year. However, it had to close temporarily after the village held back the liquor license due to a dispute over $500,000 in unpaid taxes and fees. When both sides reached an agreement, it agreed that the tribe could get a Hobart liquor license.

Village officials are understandably upset that one business can circumvent municipal regulations and suddenly be under the state's purview."

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