Editorial: 'Sheep is Life' celebrates a treasure
"Life is cyclical and connected. People and animals are connected to each other and to the land. There is no culture that is more aware of this connection than the American Indian. These are people who have lived off the land for thousands of years.

In good times and bad, they have developed ways to cultivate the land, care for their animals and survive. Sheep have been a life-long part of this tradition.

This calm and domesticated animal also is important to many other cultures. Shepherds, caring for their flocks, are found in almost every nationality.

That is why a celebration to honor sheep and their connection to the American Indian is an important one in the Four Corners region. The Sheep is Life event celebrated its 13th year recently at Navajo Prep.

There the Navajo celebrated the animal that dedicated so much of its life to the Diné's survival. There were workshops on weaving, dying, butchering and cooking.

"For Navajo, the sheep gave them their land," said Suzanne Jamison, a board member for Diné Be' Iiná, the nonprofit organization that sponsors the event."

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