Aroostook Band election in dispute after two years
A woman who was elected chief of the Aroostook Band of Micmac Indians two years ago wants the Maine tribe to call a new election.

Marilyn Carlton defeated Victoria Higgins for the chief's position but she never went to work because the results were invalidated over an issue involving another candidate. The tribe never held a new election so Higgins has been in power ever since.

“All that we want is a new election,” Carlton told The Bangor Daily News. “The tribe has been waiting since 2007 for an election. We have waited 25 months for that.”

Carlton accuses the Bureau of Indian Affairs of supporting Higgins and other incumbents due to an improper relationship with the tribe's attorney. A report Interior Department’s Office of the Inspector General said a top official lacked authority to take action on behalf of the incumbent leaders.

Carlton has been trying to organize a new election for this year but her efforts haven't succeeded. The next scheduled election won't take place until 2011.

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