Yakama man worried about influx of immigrants

A former council member for the Yakama Nation of Washington says Hispanic immigrants are taking over his reservation.

Wendell Hannigan is worried about jobs, crime and the impact of immigrants on tribal culture. "It’s almost like a whole group of people are overtaking the Yakama Indians, and they’re doing it quite effectively," Hannigan told the Associated Press. "Their goal is the same as the Indian people. It’s empowerment, but they’re doing a more effective job, in my mind."

Hannigan proposed a guest worker program on the reservation but the idea hasn't been fully implemented. He is also sponsoring a state ballot initiative to adopt stricter immigration rules.

"To me, they act no different than the white population," Hispanic activist Luz Bazan Gutierrez said of attitudes like those of Hannigan. "Within the reservation, there’s lots and lots of resentment."

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Yakama Nation man leads anti-immigrant efforts (AP 5/23)

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