Montana releases report on Indian inmate complaints
The Montana Corrections Department released a report that substantiates allegations made by Indian inmates at the Crossroads Correctional Center.

The report said Indian inmates were strip searched before and after sweat lodge ceremonies. Some guards removed ceremonial items from the sweat lodge and made inappropriate comments about smudging ceremonies and "generally antagonized inmates," according to the investigation.

The report said guards conducted the searches out of concern that the sweat lodge was used to move contraband. "However, the information learned during the investigation does not indicate that any contraband at the facility has been to the sweat lodge ceremony," according to the investigation.

Despite substantiating the main allegations, the department said it did not find systemic discrimination against Indian inmates. The American Civil Liberties Union disagrees and filed a complaint with the state.

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DOC report: Native American inmates faced strip searches (AP 5/21)

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Investigation into complaints from Native American inmates at the Crossroads Correctional Center, Shelby, Montana (May 2009)

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