Indian cemetery reopens but dispute continues
An Indian cemetery in northern California has been reopened but it's future is unclear and a local tribe is concerned about restrictions placed on their activities.

The Colfax Cemetery District padlocked the Colfax Indian Cemetery earlier this year. A board member said the cemetery lacked liability insurance.

The district has since purchased insurance but members of the Colfax-Todds Valley Consolidated Tribe, a non-federally recognized tribe, are concerned they won't be allowed to hand dig any graves, since the practice apparently violates state law. Tribal members are also worried the district will sell the property.

“We want to get it out of our name," board member John Dugan told The Colfax Record. “We just don’t want to own the Indian cemetery any longer.”

The United Auburn Indian Community, a federally recognized tribe, has offered legal help but apparently isn't interested in buying the cemetery. The district offered it for sale at $37,000.

Miwok, Maidu and other tribal ancestors are buried at the cemetery.

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