Opinion: Better deal needed for Oneida land-into-trust
"Let me begin by thanking all of the residents of Oneida and Madison counties who have contacted me in expressing their thoughts pro or con on the Oneida County executive’s proposed settlement with the Oneida Enterprises. In most cases the conversations have been courteous, thoughtful and productive in my decision making process.

My decision for most people will not be surprising nor will my reasons for voting against this proposal be new. Yet, I feel I owe my constituents and the other residents of the area a better understanding of why I will be voting in opposition to this agreement.

My vote should not be misconstrued as being against the jobs at Oneida Enterprises or any desire to see any member of the tribe struggle in their efforts to make their lives better. These are our neighbors and their concerns should be heard and as an elected official from the area. I recognize that I have a role to reach out in an attempt to bridge these differences.

Yet, this agreement does not balance the differences. The Oneida Enterprises may as well have written this agreement. This accord is so one-sided that this agreement is actually worse than our current status of stalemate! Yet, the county executive says this accord would bring parity to the area!"

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