Editorial: Offensive place names in South Dakota
"Squaw Creek, Negro Canyon. Offensive names marking the state’s geological sites and landmarks will get the attention they deserve thanks the reminder from a Native American woman from Sioux Falls to a Pine Ridge legislator.

State Sen. Jim Bradford, R-Pine Ridge, said he was reminded by the woman that derogatory names still remained on state maps despite a 2001 law that several sites be renamed.

It was a fortunate reminder of a project that has been long overdue. Why several derogatory names were not changed as a result of the 2001 law is irrelevant. What is relevant today is that the names will be changed and a board has been established to shepherd the process.

During the legislative session, the Legislature established the South Dakota Board on Geographic names. The board is made up of members of the Office of Tribal Government Relations and a handful of other state departments."

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