Alaska nominee won't discuss tribal sovereignty
Alaska Natives are stepping up their opposition to Wayne Anthony Ross as state attorney general, citing his stances on tribal sovereignty and subsistence.

The Alaska Federation of Natives said Ross's "contempt for Native leaders and their self-governing institutions is obvious." "He opposes the very existence of tribal governments, which have exercised their authority since time immemorial," AFN said yesterday after passing a motion to oppose his nomination.

But Ross won't discuss the issue or his past views on it. In an interview with The Tundra Drums, he skirted questions about sovereignty.

"I’ve taken no positions on that at all.," was his first response. When pressed to state his views, he said: "I’m saying I represented clients in those days, and I now represent everybody."

Gov. Sarah Palin (R) nominated Ross, whose confirmation hearing is scheduled for April 8.

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