Editorial: Progress on Blackfeet law enforcement
"Although it's taken six months since the issue came to light outside of Glacier County, it was good this week to see that the Blackfeet Tribe and the county have taken affirmative steps to share law-enforcement duties across reservation boundaries.

Last Friday — in time for North American Indian Days in Browning — Glacier County Sheriff Wayne Dusterhoff and six deputies received commission cards from the tribe, authorizing them to come onto the reservation to enforce state law.

On Saturday, the county issued the oath of office to three Blackfeet law enforcement officers, authorizing them to apprehend non-Indian offenders on the reservation and to issue citations for state courts.

A formal agreement hasn't been reached for cross-deputizing officers between the two jurisdictions, but the Tribal Business Council last week passed a resolution to seek a 60-day trial agreement to that effect.

A meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. today in the Tribe's legal department conference room to discuss a permanent agreement. While today's meeting isn't expected to complete the deal (a few of the eventual signatories can't attend today), the progress being shown is encouraging."

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