Opinion: Indian Country on government 'welfare'
"It’s past time for a showdown. Wake up congressmen McHugh and Arcuri and Senator Schumer. Only Congress has the power and responsibility to put this Indian debacle to bed. Quit hiding behind the court system. Legislators make the laws, the court system only interprets the law. It’s really quite simple.

When Congress gave all Native Americans citizenship, this was not only voting privileges, but also carries allegiance and responsibilities.

No matter what our heritage, we are citizens of this great country, all equal with great opportunities, in charge of our own destiny. It is a disgrace; our Congress, after giving this right of citizenship to the Native Americans previously wards of the federal government, have allowed the tribes to circumvent our tax laws, receive a monopoly gambling status and receive federal yearly funds, yet still advocating that they are separate nations when it’s to their advantage.

Give us a break. Treaty rights, land claims, etc. These have tied up our court system for years.

You just can’t have it both ways, you’re either a contributing U.S. citizen or an Indian nation that needs ‘big daddy’ (government) to survive, we call this welfare."

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